Thursday, May 16, 2019

Eating Out: WR Kitchen & Bar by Wood Ranch

I had the opportunity to check out BBQ restaurant Wood Ranch's new fast casual dining concept WR Kitchen & Bar in Laguna Niguel -- located in Southern Orange County, California. Pick up the menu at the entrance, order at the bar, then pick up a pager and wait for the food to be delivered to your table. The interior atmosphere is beautiful but a bit on a darker side with dim lighting. The exposed ceiling wood beams and and wood accents is a nice touch as well.

Most of the favorites from the Wood Ranch menu are available, along with the introduction of several new menu items like brisket caramel popcorn, buffalo cauliflower, and a variety of tacos with brisket, roasted cauliflower, chicken, and more. I especially liked the brisket tacos. The buffalo cauliflower was very good, as well. Although deep fried, at least you're getting your vegetable fix. The bleu cheese crumble can be a bit overpowering, however. Although the caramel popcorn could use more of the bits of brisket on top, it is the perfect sweet and savory combo to complement a cold beer.

The meats are smoked then quickly seared the grill for more char flavor. Both the brisket and signature tri-tip had good flavor, but was a tad tough to chew. The baby back ribs were excellent and not overcooked, although the presentation left a lot to be desired. Based on the jagged edges of the rubs, it looked like the ribs were simply torn into apart by hand, or cut with a very blunt knife. 

WR Kitchen & Bar offers an a la carte menu, which provides the guest with more options to customize based on portion size or healthier alternatives. For example, instead of the corn tortillas for the tacos, you have the option of butter lettuce cups. Perfect for those who want to avoid carbs. 

WR Kitchen & Bar
28061 Greenfield Dr
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677