Friday, June 23, 2017

Fourth of July BBQ Brisket Recipes with Stubb's Bar-B-Q

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By Dru Chai

Both Memorial Day and Father's Day has passed and now July 4th is right around the corner, which means the summer BBQ season is in full swing. Fireworks, flags, family, friends, and... brisket! Yes, brisket. There isn't anything more American (and Texan) than smoked brisket to celebrate the Fourth of July. Brisket is my favorite smoked meat, and of course the most requested BBQ item whenever I host a family or friends gathering.

The great thing about brisket is that it's so versatile when it comes to adding and developing recipes. Sure, you can simply eat brisket by the slice with some pickles, onions, and a slice of bread. But for those who want to a bit more creative, check out some of these recipes by Stubb's Bar-B-Q:

I like both the brisket sliders and brisket tacos recipes. Brisket complements any type of bread or starchy component because it can soak up all the meat juices and sauces. Combined with some pickles and crispy onion strings -- or just thinly sliced raw onions if you prefer -- it's just a great contrast in texture and flavor. Plus, it's BBQ backyard food! It's always fun and satisfying when picking up a slider or taco in one hand, and having a beer or cocktail in the other.

Rocky Stubblefield, grandson of Stubb's Legendary Bar-B-Q founder C.B. "Stubb" Stubblefield, has some tips for creating the perfect brisket to serve either on its own or in other recipes like the ones mentioned above. For the tip about placing the brisket fat side up, it really depends on where the heat source is located. On my Weber Smoky Mountain, I like to place the brisket with the fat side down because it shields the heat which is located on the bottom of the smoker.

The "Sweet Heat" is my favorite

On the last tip, it just depends on your preference. There are some folks who are absolutely against any BBQ sauce touching good, quality brisket. Personally, I like to offer sauce on the side. A little bit of sauce can also really elevate your brisket recipe. On bad brisket? Sauce can be a lifesaver because it can mask horribly, dry brisket with no flavor.

- Get a good crust: One of the most delicious parts of a brisket is the flavor crust (the bark). Make sure you rub the entire brisket generously with rub 15-20 minutes before the meat goes in the smoker.

- Fat side up: Whether in your smoker or on a charcoal grill, place the brisket fat-side up so that the fat drips down into the meat and it stays moist.

- Slicing is important: Make sure you cut against or across the grain of the brisket for tender slices. Not sure where the grain is? It's easier to see on the raw meat before it's rubbed, so cut a notch when prepping to help guide once it's cooked.

- Add the sauce: As we say in Texas -- it's not done 'til you add the sauce! Serve on the side for dipping or drizzle it over the top.

So what's your favorite brisket tip? Comment below and you could win some Stubb's Bar-B-Q swag.