Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review: Weber's New American Barbecue BBQ Cookbook

By Dru Chai

Since starting this BBQ blog over five years ago, I've come across my fair share of BBQ cookbooks. For a BBQ enthusiast like myself, they all tend to look the same and have the same content. I was even approached by a publisher to write my own BBQ cookbook, but I turned it down at the time because I couldn't complete the project on their tight deadline.

Weber just released a new cookbook entitled "New American Barbecue - A Modern Spin on the Classics" and it's one of my favorite BBQ cookbooks of the year. The book has some incredible, mouth-watering closeups of the food, and it is easy to read for any grilling or smoking novice who wants to learn more about some of the newer trends of BBQ today. 

The book includes more than 120 recipes and is organized by types of meat -- pork, ribs, brisket, chicken, etc. James Beard Award nominee and author Jamie Purviance profiles some of more popular pitmasters to get the best tips on their particular expertise in his "Lessons from the Legends." Chris Lily and his pulled pork, Mike Mills and his spareribs, Aaron Franklin for his brisket, just to name a few. Another cool feature are the "Top 5 Barbecue Trends Today" sections sprinkled throughout the book. 

Some of my favorite and interesting recipes:

- PB and J Ribs
- Aloha Spareribs with Coconut Ginger Glaze
- San Antonio Brisket Enchiladas
- Boston Bacon Fatties
- All of the smoked turkey recipes (I love smoked turkey!)

Weber's "New American Barbecue - A Modern Spin on the Classics" is perfect for someone who wants to learn a bit more on the history and background of BBQ, while embracing the new trends and techniques of today's BBQ. With gorgeous food photography and plenty of recipes to try out through the summer, this book is a worthy addition for any BBQ enthusiast.