Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review: Viper Sauce BBQ Sauce Mix & Rub

One of the best parts about buying a brand new bottle of BBQ sauce is the entire experience -- the look of the shiny new label, the smell of fresh shrink wrap, and that moment when you break the seal of the bottle. The ultimate payoff is that first bite of food with the sauce.

So what are the drawbacks of bottled BBQ sauce? If you're buying online, it's the cost of shipping and small amount of sauce you get for the price. If you're feeding a large party, BBQ sauce can run out rather quickly. The alternative is buying pre-made BBQ sauce mixes.

I had a chance to try out some BBQ sauce mix and rub from Viper Sauce. Based out of Alabama, they've built quite a loyal following selling their southern style BBQ sauces. One sauce mix ($6) yields about 50 ounces of sauce, which more than doubles the typical bottle of BBQ sauce. Just add ketchup and/or brown sugar.

One of my favorite BBQ rubs to use is the Viper Sauce Original Spicy. It's a versatile rub, and I've used it on just about anything from chili to beef stew, to go along with your typical grilled meats like chicken and steak. But perhaps my favorite way to use the rub is on vegetables. If you're a typical home cook and griller like myself, veggies just don't excite me. Sprinkle some bold and flavorful spicy rub on veggies to wake up!

Spicy Summer Squash recipe:

- Slice zucchini or yellow squash 1/2 inch thickness
- Lightly coat with virgin olive oil
- Place on cookie sheet and sprinkle with Viper Dry Rub seasoning
- Place in 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes

Dirty Smoke rating - 4.5 of 5 stars
Pros - Lower cost for sauce mixes, double the amount of BBQ sauce vs. buying bottle
Cons - Need to buy ketchup and brown sugar, take the time to mix yourself