Monday, June 23, 2014

Amazon Best Sellers: Top 10 BBQ Products (June '14)

By Dru Chai

If you're a frequent customer of, you've inevitably clicked on the "Best Sellers" link for a particular product category of interest to you. It's always interesting to see what other people are purchasing. Not only is it a good way to find out what the current "hot" products are, but there could be a great deal that everyone is jumping on.

Amazon doesn't have a top sellers section for just BBQ products. They are sprinkled about in the Patio, Home, and Garden / Grills & Outdoor Cooking section. You would have to keep looking through page after page to find what BBQ related product everyone is buying. Luckily for you, I compiled the top 10 and listed them all here.

Amazon Best Sellers: Top 10 BBQ Products (updated January 2014). I've purchased and own 6 of these products, so I'm definitely a contributor to this list! How many products from this list do YOU own?