Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Kassa Meat Claws, Meat Shredder, Handler Forks

By Dru Chai

Ok, true story here. Before I started BBQ smoking as a backyard hobby, I would use my bare hands to shred pulled pork. Needless to say, my fingers would take some serious punishment and I would yell "ouch" or "oww" or "ohh" every other second. Yes, I was simply impatient (not to mention hungry!).

Nowadays, to give my fingers a break, I'll use a couple of forks. But even with forks, it's just too small to do the job, especially if you have a lot of meat to shred. Enter Kassa Meat Claws.

I recently had the chance to use these sharp meat claws on some bone-in pork shoulder, and it just took a few minutes to shred the pork into nicely sized chunks. I especially liked the grips -- I really felt like a giant bear tearing through some flesh for dinner.

Aside from shredding meat, there are also a couple of other uses. Flipping over meat in the oven, putting meat on the grill, or even holding meat while slicing. Whatever the use, just make sure you get a good grip. You wouldn't want the meat to take a tumble on the floor -- that would be a shame, for sure.

Dirty Smoke rating - 4.0 of 5 stars
Pros - Good grip, sturdy, easy to clean
Cons - Not meant to finely shred meat
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