Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Redneck BBQ In Baker, CA

On a recent trip back from Vegas, I decided to make a stop at Baker, CA -- who's claim to fame is the world's biggest thermometer. The city is a popular stop before Barstow, with its variety of chain restaurants and gas stations.

Several months ago, I noticed a giant billboard advertising a new BBQ restaurant, right next to Alien Beef Jerky. So this time around, on a Sunday around noon, I stopped by to see what their BBQ was all about. Did they smoke their own meats? Did they offer my favorite brisket? I was curious to find out.

Dead and deserted in... the desert.

Well, it was none of the above. The parking lot was empty and there were massive chain locks on the front door. Obviously, the place was closed. On one of the windows, they proudly advertised their fried bologna in colorful blue and orange colors. Searching on my Yelp app, it looks like one guy tried their food about a year ago and gave them an okay review.

So were they a victim of the down economy? Did they quickly discover that nobody really stops for BBQ in Baker, CA, except for BBQ enthusiasts and bloggers? Did they even serve quality BBQ at all? Or were they too lazy to open up because they were really, ahem, lazy rednecks? I guess I will never know.