Thursday, July 7, 2011

BBQ Padawan Here, Ready to Learn

Recently, I signed up for Slap Yo Daddy's BBQ 101 Backyard Pitmaster class. His monthly class is in such high demand, that you have to sign up 2-3 months in advance. I was shooting for the September class, and there were plenty of spots available at the time. But by the time I sent in my registration, it was filled up! So I got bumped to the October class. I can't wait.

In between winning awards in BBQ competitions all over the place, Mr. Harry Soo has been building his BBQ brand and empire. He recently launched his own Meat Rub, which comes in original, lower sodium, and added MSG. Harry said his runaway best seller by far is the lower sodium version. Of course, after eating tons of BBQ meat, it'll make you feel just a little less guilty, right?

Mr. Slap Yo Daddy

Not that I've interacted with tons of other BBQ or food "celebs" or public figures, but what sets Harry apart is his accessibility and passion. I won't meet him in person until his BBQ class in October, but just from exchanging emails, researching for a previous blog post, reading his website, and his comments, you can just tell he loves sharing his knowledge and recipes (without giving away all his award winning secrets).

Here's a link to Harry's Amazon review on the WSM. He gives his tips on how to season a brand new WSM, and his recommendation on NOT using any water in the pan -- simply foiling it will give you better and faster bark on the meat. I actually have been experimenting both with and without water, and the only thing with not using water is that until you've got it down to a science, you have to carefully watch the temperature so the WSM doesn't run too hot.