Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meat + Smoke + Rub = Joy

As I'm waiting patiently for my next BBQ smoke-out experience (this weekend, maybe?), I've been diligently reading up on recipes, researching restaurants, and learning about BBQ competition teams. The OC BBQ Festival is happening this upcoming Saturday June 11th, and I came across SoCal-based Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ team. The more I learned about this team, the more I was in awe of their success.

Normally when you think of BBQ competition teams and see them on TV, they have these huge, shiny customized smokers that cost upwards of $10k plus. Conversely, the Slap Yo' Daddy team uses a couple of WSM's and kettle grills, along with a computer system with a fan that digitally monitors and regulates the temperature of their meats. Since starting in '08, they've been winning awards left and right and are the #4 nationally ranked team in the country. They recently were on TLC's BBQ Pitmasters show.

Pitmaster Harry Soo uses Asian ingredients, spices and flavors, which distinguishes their BBQ from the competition. Many of his competitors are widely popular in the traditonal BBQ parts of the country, do BBQ competitions full-time, and they have restaurants. Slap Yo' Daddy is from Southern California, have full-time IT jobs, and still hold their own in the BBQ competition circuit. They truly are weekend BBQ pitmasters. Keep up the great work Slap Yo' Daddy. I will have to try your BBQ real soon.