Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Product Review: Trader Joe's BBQ Sauces

By Dru Chai

I've always been a fan Trader Joe's BBQ sauces. I've tried both the "Bold & Smoky Kansas City Style" the more generic sounding "All Natural Barbeque Sauce." They both taste similar -- rich, thick dark sauces with a blend of molasses and smoky flavors. They are perfect as dipping sauces for anything (I like to dip tater tots in them), as well as BBQ'ing meats.

There is a subtle sweetness to both sauces. It may remind you a bit like KC Masterpiece, but I think it has a bit more depth in flavors without being too sweet. They are both smokier. If I had to pick, I would give the edge to the Kansas City style sauce.The best thing about these Trader Joe's BBQ sauces? The price -- you're looking at no more than about $2.50-$3 for each bottle.

For me personally, I really like to taste the meat and not too much BBQ sauce. I want to savor the natural juices of the meat, instead of slathering some overpowering BBQ sauce. I like to do a light coating of BBQ sauce right before taking it off the grill or smoker. If I need more sauce, I can always dip the meat into more sauce.

Dirty Smoke rating (out of 5 stars)

Trader Joe's All Natural BBQ Sauce - 3 stars
TJ's Bold and Smoky Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce - 4 stars