Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ Weekend

I was hoping that my Weber Smoky Mountain would arrive just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, but it's scheduled to be delivered today (look for the "unboxing" post later). That's the drawback of ordering online via Amazon with free shipping -- I didn't want to fork over the extra money for 2-day shipping. I figured that's money I could use on other things like wood chips, BBQ accessories, and most of all -- MEAT!

Obviously, buying meat is expensive. Everyone knows and shops at Costco, so that's the first (and probably only) place I'll go to for my BBQ'ing meats. Brisket, pork shoulder, spare ribs, the list goes on. You're looking at least $20-$40 or more per item, depending on what you're getting. I have my eyes set on smoking the brisket first and foremost.

Since my WSM didn't arrive over Memorial Day weekend, I made the 50-minute one way trip to Phil's BBQ to bring back for lunch. I wasn't about to settle for anything less, like Costco BBQ ribs. Blech. I tried it once before, never again. It was mushy, tasteless, and the texture eerily resembled the McRib sandwich from McDonald's. I brought home the usual from Phil's -- beef ribs, baby back ribs, and even a bottle of their fantastic BBQ sauce. It's perfect combination of tangy, smoky, and spice. I can't wait to use it on my own BBQ.

$5.95 for about a 30 oz bottle