Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: Phil's BBQ in San Diego, CA

It's no secret that good BBQ is tough to come by where I live. It's part of the reason why -- okay, HUGE reason why -- that I purchased my own BBQ smoker. I've tried quite a few places in and around the LA/OC area, and my favorite thus far would have to be Phil's BBQ.

Unfortunately, they're located in San Diego. But I would have no qualms about hopping in the car for an hour just to get my Phil's fix. Looking through my past Yelp reviews, I've given them nothing but but 5-star glowing reviews. I haven't had any BBQ outside of California (though I'm looking to change that soon), so obviously I can't offer much for comparison. But for my money, I'll happily settle for Phil's BBQ in SoCal.

There's always a line during peak hours
BBQ heaven on a plate

The El Toro sandwich (tri-tip) with a side of BBQ beans
BBQ beefy rib porn, at its finest
Baby back ribs, sauce on the side