Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Review: The Secrets to Great Charcoal Grilling

By Dru Chai

Happy National BBQ Month! Can you believe it's May already? Much of the country was in hibernation during the cold winter months, but the summer grilling and smoking season is finally around the corner.

I've been doing some reading lately, and this book "The Secrets of Great Charcoal Grilling on the Weber" came across my mailbox. It is one of the better recipe cookbooks I've encountered that specifically gives tips, tricks and insight into grilling with charcoal.

BBQ champion Bill Gillespie starts from the ground up, and gives both beginners and advanced grillers information like how to get the perfect char on the meat, timing for exact doneness, and reaching maximum flavor.

The Dirty Smoke Rating (4/5 stars) - Highly recommended
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Product Review: BBQ Box - Monthly Subscription Box

By Dru Chai

Monthly subscription services are as popular as ever, and the BBQ industry has taken notice. There are several BBQ subscription boxes out there in the market, and BBQ Box is one of the better ones I've come across. BBQ Box is endorsed by Myron Mixon, the winningest man in competitive barbecue history and one of the most influential people in the BBQ industry.

So what's in the BBQ Box?

- One sauce or marinade
- One rub or spice
- One edible (jerky, snack, etc)
- Sample package of premium wood chips
- One custom recipe from Myron Mixon showcasing BBQ box contents

There are so many BBQ products out in the market -- it is virtually impossible to research and try them all. How do you know if a product is any good if you haven't tried it yourself? You will most likely rely on reviews and recommendations from trusted sources. Myron Mixon is a household name in the BBQ industry, and you are trusting that he personally handpicked these products.

BBQ Box is perfect for those time-strapped BBQ enthusiasts who grill and smoke on a regular basis and require consistent replenishment for their BBQ pantry. At $24.99 per month, it is one of the lower cost BBQ monthly subscription services that don't break the bank.

Dirty Smoke Rating: 4/5 stars - Recommended

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