Sunday, October 1, 2017

Product Review: BBQ Box - Monthly Subscription Box

By Dru Chai

Monthly subscription services are as popular as ever, and the BBQ industry has taken notice. There are several BBQ subscription boxes out there in the market, and BBQ Box is one of the better ones I've come across. BBQ Box is endorsed by Myron Mixon, the winningest man in competitive barbecue history and one of the most influential people in the BBQ industry.

So what's in the BBQ Box?

- One sauce or marinade
- One rub or spice
- One edible (jerky, snack, etc)
- Sample package of premium wood chips
- One custom recipe from Myron Mixon showcasing BBQ box contents

There are so many BBQ products out in the market -- it is virtually impossible to research and try them all. How do you know if a product is any good if you haven't tried it yourself? You will most likely rely on reviews and recommendations from trusted sources. Myron Mixon is a household name in the BBQ industry, and you are trusting that he personally handpicked these products.

BBQ Box is perfect for those time-strapped BBQ enthusiasts who grill and smoke on a regular basis and require consistent replenishment for their BBQ pantry. At $24.99 per month, it is one of the lower cost BBQ monthly subscription services that don't break the bank.

Dirty Smoke Rating: 4/5 stars - Recommended

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hot Smoking vs. Cold Smoking Meats: What is the Difference?

This is post is brought to you by Alto-Shaam.

The Culinary Art of Smoking

While smoking meats and cheeses was once expensive, involving specialized equipment, in recent years it has become much more affordable to the average cook. Inexpensive but reliable smoking equipment has coincided with the perfection of smoking techniques, and today anyone with the right equipment can learn how to make delicious, flavorful smoked foods.

Which Foods Smoke Best?

In general, smoking works best with savory foods such as meat, seafood and cheese. Pork products are especially receptive to smoking including ham, sausage and bacon. Seafood and fish can also be enhanced by smoking, as is the case of smoked salmon or lox.

Hard and soft cheeses can also be smoked. Gruyere and cheddar are common choices, but almost any type of cheese can spend time in the smoker to give it added flavor. Even delicate cheeses like Brie and ricotta are sometimes smoked, though they need to be handled with more care than their hard counterparts.

Hot vs. Cold Smoking

Food may be smoked in either a hot environment or a cold one. Hot smoking usually results in more moist and tender food, making it ideal for ribs, beefsteaks and other types of meat that are going to be eaten as a filet or entree. Cold smoking, on the other hand, results in dryer meat. It is ideal for bacon, sausage, salami and cold cuts such as prosciutto.

Cold smoking is also the preferred method for more delicate foods. Seafood and cheese should almost always be cold smoked to help preserve their more subtle flavors.

Try It for Yourself

If you are interested in smoking your own foods, check out the infographic below to find out more about how to get started!